Accessing Internal Members
Activator.CreateInstance(...) Performance
C# vs Vb.Net.... Fight!
Developer Tools Demo
Dynamic Unit Test Data
Essential Tools
Event Deregistration And Memory Leaks
External Dependency Interfacing
How to Implement a Custom StyleCop Rule
IDisposable Interface, What is it? When to use it? How to use it?
Introducing Into A Improvement In Change Adverse Environment
Inversion Of Control - StructureMap
Keyboard & Mouse OS Level Interceptor
Log4Net Demo
Microsoft Patterns & Practice's Prism Demo
MVVM Pattern
Mvvm Resources
New Zealand Home Loans (NZ Home Loans) Review - Extremely Poor Service
Parallel Extensions
Principles Of Software Design
REST service mock
Service Oriented Architecture
Silverlight3 3D Research
Silverlight Client Access Policy
Software is Unpatentable
The .Net Garbage Collector
The New C# 4.0 Dynamic Keyword
The new Generic Collection feature Covariance and Contravariance
Unit Testing And Private Accessors Part 1
Unit Testing And Private Accessors Part 2
Usage of C# 'this' Keyword
Useful Snippets of Wpf Xaml Code
Using the Factory Pattern As an Assembly Gateway
VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office)
WCF: Address Already In Use Exception
WCF Callbacks
Wcf Security and RIA Security In General
Wcf Walk Through Example
Windows 7 Easter Egg
Windows XP Sp3 Sunset
Wpf Animations and Mvvm
Wpf Custom Fonts
Wpf Dispatcher Misuse
Wpf Localisation
WPF Single Instance Applications
Wpf Validation Strategies
Xaml Serialisation and Blend Sample Data
Xml Serialisation Example
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